Flash Accessories

Memory Wallet (Grey)
Code: 001247 Brand: Mobile Juice Brand: 2017-4G
Qty: 8
Case for SmartMedia (Hard Plastic) Hakuba
Code: 001931 Brand: Hakuba Brand: DMSP-SM4
Qty: 7
0MB Packaging Anti-Static Bags 2in x 4in SODIMM
Code: 006685 Brand: 3M Brand: 10024
Qty: 300
0MB Packaging 4x6" Tray with cover for 10 CT Long DIMM or 20 CT Short DIMM
Code: 006686 Brand: Gigaram Brand: PS010LS125-B/L
Qty: 225
0MB Packaging CAUTION Labels Roll of 500 Stickers
Code: 006792 Brand: Gigaram Brand: ULINE
Qty: 201
0MB Packaging 2x6" Tray with cover for 1CT Long DIMM, 1 CT Short DIMM
Code: 009950 Brand: Gigaram Brand: PS001LS120-B/L
Qty: 30
0MB Packaging 4x6in Tray with cover for 2pc Long DIMM or 2pc SODIMM
Code: 009951 Brand: Gigaram Brand: PS002LS125-B/L
Qty: 280
0MB Packaging 4.6x7 2pc Clamshell for FBDIMM Mac Pro
Code: 010462 Brand: Gigaram Brand: PS002LD125FB-C
Qty: 200
0MB Packaging tray with cover for 50 pc Long DIMM W13.78x L9.21 x D1.57 in.
Code: 010603 Brand: Gigaram Brand: PS-050LD125-B/L
Qty: 78
0MB Packaging tray with cover for 50 pc SODIMM
Code: 010790 Brand: Gigaram Brand: PS-050SD125-B/L
Qty: 200
Qty: 4
0MB Packaging Anti stat bags 18x24 Sun use only
Code: 012086 Brand: 3M Brand: 1001824
Qty: 100